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Explore tailored nutrition programs designed to promote wellness and Type 2 Diabetes remission, delivered by a leading plant-based nutritionist in London.

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An experienced Nutritionist with a proven record.

Carol Fraser is a fully qualified plant-based nutritionist known worldwide for her holistic approach to health and wellness. With a passion for empowering individuals to manage or reverse Type 2 Diabetes and enhance overall wellbeing, Carol provides tailored nutritional guidance and lifestyle coaching. Committed to your health journey, she offers consultations that integrate seamlessly with your life, ensuring professional support with a personal touch.

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Meal Planning

Plant-based Nutritionist Carol Fraser designs flexible, 'high-impact' meal plans that cater to overall health and type 2 diabetes remission, whilst tailored to individual tastes and goals.

Health Coaching

Harness the power of neuroscience-backed health coaching with Carol Fraser to transform habits, achieve health goals, and integrate an effective, holistic approach to your wellbeing

Medication Audits

As a qualified nutritionist, herbalist, and naturopath, Carol conducts thorough medication audits, ensuring your prescriptions align with nutritional choices for optimal health.

Herbs & Supplements

Discover tailored herbal and supplement recommendations to align with your dietary practices, strengthen your health, and improve diabetes management or reversal efforts.


Read Some of Carols Type 2 Diabetes Testimonies Below From Happy Clients

Client testimonial via WhatsApp praising Carol Fraser, Nutritionist, for guidance on weight loss, and normalising blood sugar levels.
Client testimonial via WhatsApp praising Carol Fraser, Nutritionist, for guidance on blood sugar normalization and insulin cessation
Lorna Clarke's testimonial via WhatsApp praising Carol Fraser, Nutritionist, for guidance on blood sugar normalization and insulin cessation

What Makes This London Nutritionist Stand Out?

When you’re on the lookout for a change in your diabetes management, seeking that compassionate expert who listens and adapts to your needs can be transformative. Discover why individuals from the UK to the USA choose Carol Fraser as their nutritionist.

  • Holistic nutrition stems from a belief in natural healing and personalized care. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach, Carol's practice is about understanding the unique person behind the condition. With her as your guide, your journey to health becomes a shared mission, infused with empathy and tailored support.
  • Carol is not just a nutritionist; she’s a qualified herbalist and naturopath, with a wealth of knowledge in medicinal plants and nutrition. Her comprehensive approach means she’s equipped to tackle a spectrum of health issues with natural, high-impact solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. 
  • As a nutritionist who values continuous learning, Carol’s expertise is grounded in academic research and a commitment to staying ahead of the latest in nutritional science and naturopathy. Her dedication to education ensures that her clients receive the most up-to-date and effective care available.
  • Working with Carol provides you exclusive access to high-grade supplements and innovative tools to unveil the root causes of health challenges. Her network extends to esteemed labs for comprehensive testing and to the heart of natural medicine for remedies that go beyond the mainstream.
  • As someone who advocates for integrative health, Carol understands the delicate nature of discussing health goals and challenges. She’s committed to creating a judgement-free zone where clients feel heard and supported, fostering an environment where open and honest communication is the norm.
  • Carol's impact as a nutritionist is affirmed by heartfelt client endorsements. They celebrate not just the health results they achieve but the supportive and empowering relationship Carol fosters with them, setting her apart as a nutritionist who truly cares about making a positive impact on the lives of her clients.
Carol Fraser has worked with the NHS, As Nature Intended, Transport for London and more

Carol's history is London’s history

Carol Fraser's path is woven into London's story, reflecting the Windrush generation's steadfast spirit. Her mother, a devoted State Registered Nurse, inspired Carol's own dedication and vital impact on healthcare. Carol embodies the perseverance and passion that brought indispensable contributions to the NHS.

Her career is a tribute to those who laid the foundations for community health services, nurturing wellness with the same spirit of care and excellence that marked the Windrush legacy in London. From her roots in Ealing to Hammersmith & Fulham, Carol continues to weave this legacy into the lives of her clients, offering holistic nutrition guidance that honours her heritage and the city’s enduring vitality.


What They Say

I would highly recommend this program...

During the program (in approximately 2.5 months) I have seen my markers reduced to within normal range for a type 2 diabetic. My medication has also been reduced. Carol and Anthony go above and beyond to ensure you are getting the best from the program.

Lorna - Type 2 Diabetes

Carol discovered medication dangerous interactions that were undetected by my doctor. My doctor has said I can stop taking 3 medications now but I know he meant I SHOULD stop taking them because he tried to shield his error in not advising me sooner. Thank you carol you are an angel!

Doreen  - Type 2 Diabetes

My stomach is getting smaller and my clothes feel loose! Last year I had some big T-shirts I wore and now they are falling off me. I have a lot of get up and go! Not felt this way since my 30's. It's practical, you don't have to travel to the Himalayas to get your food, and the meal prepping is not hard.

Amber -  Detox & Weight loss


What services do you offer?

Carol Fraser offers a range of holistic health services including personalized nutrition planning, herbal medicine, naturopathy, and lifestyle coaching. She specializes in Type 2 Diabetes management and remission, focusing on high-impact natural solutions tailored to individual needs.

How does Carol’s approach differ from other nutritionists?

Carol is not just a nutritionist but also a qualified herbalist and naturopath. She employs a comprehensive approach that includes medicinal plants and advanced nutrition strategies to address various health issues. Her unique integration of these disciplines sets her apart, offering a more rounded and effective treatment plan for her clients.

Where is Carol Fraser based?

Carol operates out of Hammersmith & Fulham in London but serves clients worldwide, offering consultations online for international clients or those who prefer virtual sessions.

Can Carol help with conditions other than Type 2 Diabetes?

Yes, while Carol has a strong focus on Type 2 Diabetes management and remission, her expertise in holistic health allows her to address a wide range of health concerns. Contact us (below) for a comprehensive assessment of your specific health needs.

What are the pricing options?

Carol offers various packages with her services starting from £99 per month. For detailed pricing based on your individual needs, it's best to reach out directly for a complimentary initial consultation.

How can I schedule a consultation with Carol?

You can schedule a consultation by contacting Carol through this website, where you can leave a message with your details and health concerns. Carol or her team will get back to you to arrange an initial complimentary consultation.

Does Carol offer ongoing support and follow-ups?

Yes, Carol believes in long-term health solutions and offers ongoing support to ensure her clients achieve and maintain their health goals. This includes follow-up consultations and adjustments to health plans as needed.

Is there a difference between a nutritionist and a naturopath?

Yes, while there is some overlap, nutritionists primarily focus on diet and nutritional science, whereas naturopaths use various natural therapies, including but not limited to nutrition. Carol’s expertise in both areas allows her to create more comprehensive treatment plans for her clients.

How long does it take to see results with a holistic nutrition plan?

Results can vary based on individual conditions, health goals, and adherence to the plan. Carol works closely with her clients to set realistic expectations and monitor progress throughout their health journey.

Do I need to live in London to work with Carol?

No, Carol offers online consultations and can work with clients from anywhere in the world. Her practice is set up to provide virtual assistance and support, making her services accessible regardless of your location.

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Connect with a Trusted Nutritionist in London

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